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I think these may just be my favorite tattoos that Harry has.

I mean, first there’s the tattoos themselves.  I just love the look of them, and the placement what no I do not have an obsession with Harry’s collarbones how dare you suggest such a thing.  I love the positions of the swallows (sparrows, doves, birds?  whatever species they may be), the curves of the wings and the bodies and I really want to see how the tail feathers look, too.  I love the shading, and especially how bright and expressive the eyes look, almost sparkly and

Oh, sorry, out comes my artist side.

And then of course there’s also the meaning - or, okay, supposed meaning - of it all.  There are obvious ways to relate it back to Larry (can we all have that big adorable awwwww for the possible “love birds” connotation, please?), but even the ones that are more personal to Harry on his own are just as heartwarming.

And do nOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE SIZE DIFFERENCE.  I realize the larger bird had to cover that love banner tattoo (shame we never got to see all of that, boo), but the size difference is so obvious there’s no way it’s accidental.  I mean, tattoos are an art, and tattoo artists are obviously artists.  As an artist myself, I can assure you we take our work very seriously.  There is absolutely no way the size difference was a screw up, or an accident by doing the smaller swallow first and realizing it wouldn’t be big enough to cover the other tattoo.  There is no way.  None.  Not to mention that there is a lot of business before the inking begins.  There would have been stencils made to work out the placement and size of the tattoos.  If the birds were supposed to be the same size, then they would have been.

But they weren’t.

One is visibly larger than the other.

And that is not something accidental.

Those two birds are different sizes for a reason.

What particular reason, we don’t know for sure, although I’m happy to guess it might be an adorable little allusion to a certain precious, tiny, lovable little boy who goes by the name of Louis Tomlinson. I mean, what?

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